End to End Solution

End to End Supply Chain Solution

PDC offers an end to end supply chain solution that is focused on industry associations and buying groups. In an effort to address the demand that a growing number of organizations have, as they attempt to better move data about the products they sell through their supply chain, Product Data Command has introduced a revolutionary new solution.   

Domain Expertise
Lower TCO Costs
Lower Implementation Costs
In the past PIM companies have focused their attention

In the past PIM companies have focused their attention entirely on a single organization and what’s happening inside their own four walls. However that’s really only part of the required solution. Yes it’s very important for companies to get their product data act together but in most cases they are relying on data feeds from manufacturers. To assume the data that you will receive from them is good is naïve. There have been many attempted Industry Data Pool solutions that have failed as a result of manufacturers being unable to provide high quality product data. PDC has the answer.

The PDC solution consists of providing our state of the art PIM solution at the Data Hub’s needs.(typically the association or buying group headquarters). This can be managed by the association or buying group personnel or a team of professionals that are assembled by PDC. We tailor and customize our application to the exact specifications our customers need. Once the application has addressed all the key requirements of the customer we then focus on the supply chain. Unlike other solution providers PDC provides a hosted PIM solution along with educational consulting sessions to help the manufacturer understand what the data requirements of their distributors and resellers are.

The advantage we have is that we will understand exactly what the product data requirements are so we can consult and tailor our hosted solution to accommodate the Data Hubs needs. This allows us to pre-validate the data moving from the manufacturer to the product data receiver which eliminates human intervention and assures a seamless consumption of the data that has been requested of the manufacturer. This allows all parties to SELL MORE PRODUCTS.


Call us to see how we can help

Call us to see how we can help your association or buying group better compete in an increasingly more competitive online market place.  

Vendor Differentiator Points

Most PIM vendors provide a commercial software application to address the needs of many PIM prospects. To effectively address the needs of many you must provide functionality that, in most cases, means a lot of functionality that is unnecessary for the mass. 

Our approach is different. We have a full featured product information management system that may meet your requirements out of the box. However in the event it doesn’t meet all your needs we’ve designed it to easily interface with external applications (i.e. digital asset management, sophisticated workflow, etc.). 

We also have a team of developers that can customize the system to meet your exact requirement. We’ve successfully tailored the system to meet the needs of many industries and can do the same for you and your industry. We’ve priced the system with customization in mind. What that means to you is a system tailored precisely to your needs for a price that will still be well below the price of our commercial PIM competitors.

Most PIM vendors provide a commercial software application