Product Data Service

Our Process

Your trading partners expect to have rich, accurate product data at the point of purchase enabling them to make intelligent decisions about purchasing the products you sell. Having this information can be the difference between making the sale and losing it. 

Product Data Command (PDC) provides a structured product data service where we will interface with the manufacturers of the products you sell on your website. We will capture the structured attribute values of your choice by category. We also capture images, build product descriptions and create features and benefits. This data can then be used to optimize your search engine and also allows your customers to make more educated decisions about the products they purchase. 

It’s not enough to know how to create

PDC helps your organization take the steps necessary to compete at the highest level

We work with your team to determine what is the right type and amount of product information you need to better separate you from your competition. We can also work with your team to determine how to keep your product information synchronized across the many applications that use it.