Industry Talk

What People Are Saying

The service PDC provided to us was much more than we could have possibly expected. They on-boarded the products we had, identified what we didn’t have, and helped us create what we needed to accommodate our most demanding customers.

Daniel Bias
Product Content Manager, 31 Inc.

“At first, the prospect of learning a new system was daunting, but we knew we had to get our arms around our product data if we wanted to maximize our online sales. The software is intuitive and powerful. It’s allowed us to easily create, manage and deliver information about our products that’s critical to our online selling success.”

Greg Parker
Marketing & Training Director North America, Wegmann Automotive USA Inc.

“Our product data department is a one man operation. We just didn’t have the resources to build and deliver what our resellers were requesting. PDC provided the resources we needed at a very reasonable rate and got the essential data we needed built. It has allowed us to deliver quality content to our resellers while increasing our orders and revenue. As a subscriber it’s now very easy for us to provide updates and add additional data to the foundational product data we have in the PIM.”

Tom Arnold
Product Data Manager, Jenkins Corp

We didn’t have a lot of experience with the aftermarket’s standards so creating and managing our product data as well as mapping it to the standards was difficult at best. PDC helped us understand how to structure our product data to meet what our resellers were requesting and what data was important to best sell our products online.”

Jack Benson
Content Coordinator, Westland Company