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Product Data Commander

Introducing Product Data Commander (PDC). PDC is the first full-featured product information management (PIM) system that affords small and mid-sized companies similar capabilities until now found only in systems costing hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Companies large and small have experienced the pain that comes with inaccurate product data. Until now only expensive, complex systems were available making it virtually impossible for small companies to afford a comprehensive system that properly manages the business processes and product data that are vitally important to their business.

Domain Expertise
Lower TCO Costs
Lower Implementation Costs
The Business Value

PIM – The Business Value

Effective PIM is the cornerstone of accurate and efficient business operations. Ensure your data is reliable and up-to-date to drive success in e-commerce, customer billing, product launches, and more.


PDC Overview

By streamlining your product data management, PDC enables you to:

Accelerate Time-to-Market: Introduce new products swiftly and boost early-stage profits.
Enhance Productivity: Empower your sales team with accurate product information.
Improve Customer Satisfaction: Deliver what your customers need, precisely when they need it.
Explore PDC, where all your product data finds a centralized home, accessible through role-based security. Unleash the power of efficient data management and seamless synchronization. PDC offers versatile data categorization, robust search capabilities, and customizable data governance.

When you’re ready to harness the potential of your product data, PDC provides easy export options and the opportunity to create custom exports to meet your specific needs. Contact us today to discover how PDC can transform your organization.

Explore PDC, where all your product data

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