Product Data Commander

Product Data Commander

Introducing Product Data Commander (PDC). PDC is the first full-featured product information management (PIM) system that affords small and mid-sized companies similar capabilities until now found only in systems costing hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Companies large and small have experienced the pain that comes with inaccurate product data. Until now only expensive, complex systems were available making it virtually impossible for small companies to afford a comprehensive system that properly manages the business processes and product data that are vitally important to their business.

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PIM – The Business Value

It is a fact that all core business initiatives (i.e. electronic commerce, customer billing, introduction of new products, change management and customer mandates) assume the data being used within their systems is accurate. However, without an effective way to manage your product information this assumption is rarely true.

Effective PIM systems address and manage the business processes needed to create and maintain clean and accurate product data. A comprehensive PIM system will incorporate governance around the creation and change management of product information to assure data accuracy across the enterprise. Effective PIM systems address all product information management challenges allowing even your most complex business initiatives to flourish. By automating business processes they can dramatically reduce the time needed to introduce new products to market. This can have a significant impact on revenue since profit margins for new products are highest at the beginning of their shelf life. Therefore the sooner you are able to get a product to market the more profits you can expect from those products.

Companies have experienced manpower efficiencies by increasing their productivity. Having accurate product data available to sales personnel greatly increases customer satisfaction. Having accurate data at the point of sale allows customer-facing employees to accurately determine a customer’s needs regardless of their tenure with the company. This gives a customer what he needs when he needs it.

PDC Overview

At its core, PDC is a fully web-based application. It houses all product data in its central repository providing users a single source for all information pertaining to their products. It allows users to leverage existing data by giving them the ability to import product data from spreadsheets, CSV files as well as other data sources and formats. Users can also create product information directly through the user interface. Products can be related to one another and images, PDF’s and other non-structured data can be attached to those products.

All product information is accessed via role-based security meaning that all users are provided a user name and password that, in conjunction with their user profile, identifies their privileges. This allows a system administrator to mandate who can view and work on what.

Regardless of the security privileges you possess, the information you see should be the same for everyone. The challenge is to synchronize all your data internally. Once this is accomplished synchronizing your data externally with data pools, trading partners and other systems becomes effortless.

PDC allows users to create custom or industry standard maintenance hierarchies. This is how users can categorize their products. PDC gives users the ability to quickly locate products with the use of it’s powerful parametric search capability or through Google-like key word searches. This allows users to manage a single or group of products quickly. Once a product or group of products, are identified users are given a host of powerful editing features making it easy to accurately manage your product information.

PDC also can incorporate rules and specific data governance to make sure of the data’s accuracy. It follows a number of best practices approaches to managing data making sure your product data is created in an accurate and timely manner and stays that way over time.

Once you’ve defined the rules associated with creating and managing your product information, and then have it centralized, you are ready to use it. PDC gives users a variety of ways to package and export their data. These exports can be saved for repeated use and can be scheduled as needed. Our service engineers can work with you to create custom exports to address internal system, trading partner or data pools needs. We encourage you to contact us so we can determine together how PDC can help your organization.

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