Quality Sales and Product Data Can Increase Profits

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By Doug Davenport, Product Information Specialist

There is certainly no shortage of challenges in today’s sales world, despite the uptick in consumer spending. Last year, Forbes surveyed over 200 companies to discover what sales reps and managers viewed as their biggest challenges. Although lead generation is still the top concern, a lack of product knowledge among sales reps was among the top five challenges for those who were surveyed.

Companies are inundated with large amounts of data every single day, so it’s no surprise that it can be difficult to manage it all. Managing data quality, matching, and cleansing for duplicate and inaccurate information in an effective and efficient way is the key to creating a single source of accuracy and truth for product and sales information.

The good news is that turning inaccurate product information into accurate product information and by extension accurate product knowledge among sales reps, comes down to this – a Product Information Management (PIM) system to structure and organize all of the product and sales data your company has to handle. PIM allows your company to leverage product and sales data to your best advantage, ultimately leading to more sales and higher profits.

A PIM system is the bridge that connects the gaps in your sales reps’ product knowledge. PIM is an essential infrastructure component that centralizes the management of product data through a single product information hub that all departments can use – not just sales. The system can extract the necessary data from the various independent information silos that often exist in organizations, giving your entire team a greater ability to tackle any sales or supply chain obstacle in front of them.

Product Data Command, our software-as-a-service, provides the most cost-effective Product Information Management solution the industry has to offer. Our powerful cloud-based software toolset allows you to gather the information you do have into one place, create information you don’t have, and manage the resulting product data so you can deliver the right data, the right way.

Get started with your Product Information Management efforts today. At Product Data Command, we make it easy and affordable to retrieve, create, manage, and deploy product data. Call us at 484-973-6900 for a short demonstration.

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