Your Sales Team Loves Rich Product Data

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By Lou Vito, Data Specialist

Complete and accurate product data empowers your online customers to make educated purchasing decisions. But it also empowers your sales team. With rich product data at their fingertips, sales reps can field questions from and provide information to their customers and prospects with confidence.

What makes product data “rich?” Rich data gives your receivers—including your sales team—everything they need to know about your product, from the part number to the category to the hazmat code, as well as any information your receivers may require, such as dimensions for warehousing. But the most robust product data also includes valuable sales information such as features and benefits, pricing, descriptions, photographs from various angles, instructional videos, and fitment factors (which years/makes/models of autos the product works with).

With Product Data Command, your sales team will be armed with a tool that provides quick and easy access to everything they need to know about your products. This can significantly decrease the training time for new salespeople and make the entire team more competent and capable.

Product Data Command, our Software-as-a-Service platform, has been enhanced specifically to address the type of product data that sells products, such as textual sales pitches, high-resolution images, and videos. Along with the information required by your receivers, sales-specific data will give your sales team a competitive edge that will increase your bottom line. That’s what robust product data is all about.

Which spec sheet would give your sales team that competitive edge?

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Our powerful cloud-based software toolset allows you to gather the information you do have into one place, create information you don’t have, and manage the resulting product data so you can deliver the right data, the right way.

Get started with your Product Information Management (PIM) efforts today. Product Data Command provides the most cost-effective PIM solution the industry has to offer. We make it easy and affordable to retrieve, create, manage, and deploy product data. Call us at 484-973-6900 for a short demonstration.

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